Stretching Exercise Education Massage

S.E.E.M was originally used in the ares of sports massage, but has moved into all areas of massage therapy. By learning how to “feel the body” the therapist then applies various stretching, facial and deep tissue releases which will remove adhesions, repair tissue and joint disfunctions, and will provide the client with increased range of motion, healing and decreased pain. An injury or blockage that may have taken months to heal can, many times, be removed in less than an hour. S.E.E.M. can be adapted to use on any clients and will be the new wave of success in medical massage therapy.


S: Suppleness
T: Tension Release
R: Refreshed and Rejuvenated
E: Electrify, Energetic
T: Tension Relief
C: Calm and Collective
H: Healthy and Healing
I: Input the energy and be 100% ready to go
N: Nervous System Awakening
G: Go, Go, Go!


E: Exertion, Elimination, Elegant, Energetic
X: XEROX your own body
R: Respiratory, Respect, Represent and Present
E: Everyday, Execute
C: Circulation, Concentration, Confidence
I: Immune System Stronger
S: Sedentary Life, Seriousness to Life
E: Everything will be smoother


E: Education, Encourage
D: Direction, Dedication
U: Unparalleled Understanding
C: Communication
A: Attention to Life
T: Technical
I: Intuition
O: Overview of life, the Planet, and This World
N: No negativity


M: Massage is a Mother
A: Allows Circulation
S: Supports all the Human Systems
S: Sustain the Human Body Function
A: A Wonderful Nourishment
G: Grounding
E: Elimination